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Why are top martial artists and fighters moving towards a different way of working out?

Simple - the traditional way doesn't work. If you're still doing hours of cardio or roadwork each week, or doing weights with 3 sets of 10 reps in exercises like the bicep curl and leg extensions, you are setting yourself up for defeat.

If you've ever sparred or rolled on the mats and either gassed, felt sick of just reached exhaustion and then thought to yourself  "man, my cardio sucks", then you need this program. Fighting has very little to do with "cardio" and knowing this is the key to fast improvement.

The Science Makes the Difference: Developed and Tested by Fitness Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers and Martial Artists.

Your typical fitness program is woefully inadequate for fighters. Most martial artists who want to improve their fitness immediately move to the cardio machines and slog away for 30 minutes or longer. This is AEROBIC fitness training (i.e. the body has time to use oxygen help provide energy).

Combat on the other hand is made up of short, sharp, high-intensity bursts of activity and therefore is AN-AEROBIC, where the body doesn't have the time to utitlse oxygen to provide energy.

It is this fundamental mis-match in trying to train ANAEROBIC energy systems with AEROBIC exercise that limits many fighter's potential.

Basis research into sport & exercise related journals reveals the major problems with using aerobic training methods for strength and power sports and indeed The National Strength & Conditioning Association's "Essentials of Strength and Conditioning" clearly states (chapter 5 p78-79) that aerobic training has a negative impact on speed, power and strength.

That's right - your fitness program could actually be making you WEAKER...

On the other hand, scientific research ("Effects of Moderate-Intensity Endurance and High-Intensity Intermittent Training on VO2max", Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (1996) 28, 1327-1330) clearly shows that high-intensity ANAEROBIC efforts can have a dramatically positive effect on AEROBIC conditioning.

These facts have been pressure-tested around the world by fighters, law enforcement officers, emergency response units, soldiers and many others whose lives depend on their physical conditioning.

This manual is specially designed to enable you to apply the very latest in cutting-edge fitness science to your training almost immediately.

How Soon Will I Be Fighting Fit?

A level of improvement simply not possible with traditional methods can be felt in your Martial Arts sessions in as little as 7 days.

The manual is more than just a program to follow. It is designed to tell you everything you need to know about combat fitness.

Just imagine knowing that you have access to a wealth of information and training conclusions that your opponents are blindly trying to reach by themselves. Imagine how much faster you will progress than they will.

You could spend years of research and trial and error to uncover the information in this book. Think of all the wasted gym fees, hours of misguided training, not to mention the drop in effectiveness of your Martial Arts training because you couldn't train at full intensity for a whole session.

By saving yourself, time, effort and $100s in wasted fees, this manual will provide you with a return on investment in only a few days.

There are fitness programs that cost nearly $200 and only cover a fraction of the information in this manual. Using these other programs, you may get some benefit in the long run due to a shift in the right direction, but the Adapt and Overcome approach is scientifically proven to provide faster and and more effective results than conventional training.

Why Would I get Fitter, Faster Using This Method?

The system is based upon three fundamental pillars that work together to optimize results:

  1. Training is focused upon the correct energy systems.
  2. Training methods are used which stimulate the body to maximize adaptation and development.
  3. Exercises are taught which train the body to move as it was designed to.

By doing the above, you give the body what it wants and in return it develops faster than if you were to mistakenly continue with other less effective training methods.

The manual is designed to complement you Martial Arts training and the workouts are designed to be done alongside your current class schedule. There is even a chapter which discusses how best to schedule your fitness program around your Martial Arts classes.

By doing this you can still develop you technique whilst you fitness levels are developing, allowing you to guage progress more effectively and most importantly, withouts sacrificing your skill training.

What's In The Manual?

The manual consists of fitness theory, exercise tuition, the workout program and some general advice on getting the most from the program. Included in the manual is a 6-week workout schedule.

Chapter Listing Page
Introduction 7
Chapter 1: Overview 9
Chapter 2: Why Combat Fitness is Different 13
Chapter 3: Adaptation 21
Chapter 4: The Concepts Behind the Program 29
Chapter 5: Bodyweight Conditioning Exercises 39
Chapter 6: Weightlifting Exercises 99
Chapter 7: “Cardio” 121
Chapter 8: Fighting Flexibility 127
Chapter 9: Warming-up and Cooling-down 133
Chapter 10: The Workouts 147
Chapter 11: Mixing It All Together 165
Chapter 12: Staying With the Program 173
Chapter 13: Closing Thoughts 175


Some of what you'll discover when you read ADAPT AND OVERCOME:

  • You'll get amazing core strength and that six-pack you've always wanted by learning the single best abdominal exercise we've ever seen!

  • You'll learn the little-known methods for combining strength and power moves to improve cardiovascular fitness!

  • You'll find out how to train the specific energy systems that your body uses in combat!

  • You'll develop incredible upper-body strength by learning 3 different ways of pressing into a handstand - and how to hold that handstand when you're up there without any support!

  • You'll discover the 6 best weightlifting moves for developing total-body, combat-functional strength and power!

  • You'll discover the key piece of the training puzzle that is ignored by so many people that you could leap-frog their fitness levels easily if you took note of it!

  • You'll train all of the following elements of fitness that are necessary for successful fighters: strength, power, speed, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, agility, and balance.

  • You'll get detailed analysis of the movements used in the martial arts and the exercises that will make these moves stronger, faster and more powerful!

  • You'll be given detailed info on constructing a fitness program for martial artists - these are so complete that you can design your own workouts and fitness programs!

  • You'll learn 17 incredible bodyweight exercises!

  • You'll discover why the traditional fitness model should be avoided like the plague by martial artists!

  • You'll see the amazing lessons about combat fitness that can be learnt just by taking a closer look at fighting!

  • You'll find out the most important kind of flexibility for martial artists!

  • You'll learn how to construct a flexibility training program that makes you less injury prone and able to recover faster!

  • You'll discover how to get the best warm-up of your life in 10 minutes - an in-depth look!

  • We give you a complete warm-up routine that'll make more flexible and improve your performance!

  • You'll learn a cool-down routine that will make you recover faster whilst making you more flexible!

  • You'll discover 19 complete workouts that'll transform you into the fittest person you know!

  • You'll get a 6-week training schedule that pulls together everything taught in this manual!

  • You'll learn how to create a world-class martial arts workout that combines technique training, drills and fitness training into one knock-out session!

  • You'll learn how to spot if you're over doing it and what to do about overtraining!

  • You'll find an amazingly simple way to fit your fitness training in with your martial arts classes!

  • You'll learn 6 top motivational tips that'll keep you on track and with the program!

  • You'll be able to refer to 134 full-colour photos that demonstrate key exercise details throughout the manual!

Order Adapt and Overcome Now and get Instant Access to the eBook. Improve Your Combat Fitness within 7 Days!

100% Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with the training manual, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund and you still get to keep the book!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I study [insert martial art] is this book suitable?
A: The information in the book applies to all martial arts including traditional arts, Boxing, MMA and weapons orientated arts.

Q: Is equipment required?
A: The program assumes you have access to weights and a place to do pull-ups. The book does have a section dedicated purely to bodyweight exercises that require no equipment and the all of the main principles outlined in the book can easily be applied to an equipment free routine.

Q: Won't the training interfere with my Martial Arts practice?
A: The program is designed to work alongside your Martial Arts sessions and there is a section in the book on how to integrate fitness training into your schedule.

Q: After I finish the 6-Week Program, what then?
A: The book gives you all the information you need to design your own program that will improve your combat fitness. The purpose of the book is to educate you as to the pitfalls of traditional training and to show you that a much more effective way exists. Our goal was to make it so after reading the book, you wouldn't need us anymore.

Q: How is the book delivered?
A: Currently the book is only available as an ebook. The book is available for download as a PDF document once payment has been received.

Q: I couldn't download the book and now I've closed the download page. What now?
A: Just send an email quoting your order number to and we'll email a copy straight over to you.

Q: How does the Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee Work?
A: Just send an email quoting your order number and the reason why you're not satisfied to within 30 days of purchase. We'll then issue you a full refund and the book is yours to keep.

Order Adapt and Overcome Now and get Instant Access to the eBook. Improve Your Combat Fitness within 7 Days!

100% Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with the training manual, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund and you still get to keep the book!